Face Your Fears

Feel the fear and do it anyway!

It’s the things that we are most scared of, that we really must face and conquer.

There’s is nothing quite like facing your fears. You feel empowered and liberated. Confident and full of zest.

Write a list of things that make you scared, but you know could benefit you and your life greatly. The only way to go past that fear is to face it head-on.

I’ll let you in a little secret… For years I’ve been thinking of starting Online Coaching. I would just think about it and never take any action. It wasn’t until this year that something clicked and I knew I just had to go for it. I knew I had to find the way to make it happen. It definitely wasn’t just going to materialise itself.

I enrolled myself on a few courses, workshops and events that I knew would help me grow. Learning from others that have gone through the process is extremely valuable. Coaches, mentors, teachers, can truly change your life.

In order to be successful with any goal you may have, you will have to implement what you learn along the way. That’s where the fear comes in… 

I was terrified of posting content and posting pictures and videos of myself. Not sure why… I have been in the Fitness Industry for over 17 years and totally comfortable teaching large classes of people anywhere it may be. The internet, however, made me nervous…

I guess it was the fear of the unknown. Not knowing exactly how to use these social platforms, having to learn new technology, having to learn how to coach people online effectively and being the very best coach I can be for them. Maybe fearing being judged or criticised… the internet is a massive world after all.

Anyway, I totally faced my fears. I’ve been learning how to use an array of technology I never thought I would. Once I posted one picture of me, I realised it wasn’t such a big deal. The same thing happened with videos. In fact, I love them now. Lives are also great and never in a million years did I think I would ever do one.

I’ve been facing a lot of my fears lately and I feel alive. It feels great to know that you can actually do what you need to do to achieve your goals. That there is absolutely nothing stopping you apart from you. 

I have promised myself I will get to where I want to be and I will face all my fears along the way. It really is the only way to grow.

Don’t go for the easy choice. Challenge yourself. Grow. Do it. Face your fears. The opportunities are endless.

What are you scared of? Have you conquered any fears? How did it make you feel? I’d love to hear about it. Let me know in the comments below. 🙂

How To Make The Most Of Your Day

It is not a good feeling when you feel you have wasted a whole entire day. 
You didn’t do anything to get closer to your goals, you were not productive and you feel a bit ‘meh’. 
These are some simple tips you can apply to your daily routine to help you find focus and 
motivation. These are things that will help you feel accomplished at the end of the day and give 
you a sense of direction. 
You’ll be able to structure your day, avoid overwhelm and be more proactive. 

Do the things you know will take you closer towards your goals. Do the things that feed your soul. Simplify your life, so you have the energy to focus and achieve.
Do you already do some of these? Do you have any other tips that have worked well for you? 
Will you try to implement what I suggested? Let me know below! 🙂 

It’s all you!

It’s all you.

You have the power to think differently, act differently, behave differently, imagine differently.

You have the power to make decisions, make changes, create and achieve.

We tend to blame everything and everyone for our past, our present and our future. When in fact, we can only blame ourselves for what we perceive to be our failures and successes.

I really don’t like the word ‘failures’… I much prefer the word ‘teachings’, because that’s what those situations really are. They teach us to be better human beings, more resilient, less judgemental, kinder as people, focused and grounded. 

So yes, everyone has a story to tell. Something they rather not share. The situation that seems to have stayed forever stamped in our hearts. The thought you find so hard to forget.

But you have a choice. Accept and learn from it. Stop letting it consume you. You don’t want to give  those situations the power to take over your life. You are not that time in your life! Don’t allow it to define you. You are who you want to be.

Your thoughts and your feelings are all yours. No one else’s. You have the power to think, to feel and imagine and that will, in turn, give you the power to become, attract and create.

You are enough! You can achieve your goals! You can create a better life! You are amazing! You are unique! You can follow your dreams!

Yes, even if you’re a mum and completely forgot about yourself and what it was that used to make you tick. Your priorities would’ve most definitely changed, but we all have something we want to achieve. Find it again! Rummage through your heart and pull it out. Of course, it’s not easy to pursue your dreams when you have kids and a family to look after… but why should that stop you? We’re amazing multi-taskers. We can totally achieve whatever we set our minds on. Might take a little longer, but steady always wins the race.

I’d love to hear about your dreams. Let me know in the comments below. What you imagine, you create! ❤️

What Fitness Looks Like When You’re A Busy Mum

No one ever said it was easy trying to keep fit when you have kids.

The important thing is to try and fit it into your daily life somehow.

Just make it work for you! Improvise, let the kids lead the workout, have fun and definitely take some toys for them too (scooter, bike, ball, doll, toy car, etc). Let them take part and don’t stress out. Just enjoy your time together!

However chaotic it may be, at least you’re getting active. You’re moving, you’re feeling better and you’re doing the best you can.

Do you have kids? Do you end up not exercising because of them? They can be very handy as extra weights! 😉 Don’t let having kids put you off exercise and looking after yourself.

You need to keep active not only for your body but also for your mind.

If you have little ones, let me know how you fit in your daily activity, or if this video inspired you to get going. 🤗

Sometimes Things Don’t Go According To Plan…

I needed to exercise this morning and look after this little princess.

Thought I would film some exercise videos while I was at it… (I’ll post later)

Really had to improvise most of it! Nothing goes according to plan when kids decide to join in… 😂

I think she really enjoyed realising she was on the camera… what do you think? 🤔😜

Invest in Your Future, Your Health, Your Happiness

It’s professional developmental day for me today.

I feel it’s so important to keep studying, reading, researching.

Self-improvement is definitely high on my list of priorities. I feel it makes me a better person and a better professional.

To be the best coach I can be, be it online or offline, I have to keep up to date with my industry, new information/research, innovation, technology, etc.

To me, all the courses, workshops, events, books, podcasts I’ve experienced are an investment. Worth every penny!

The same way that if you value your health you would invest your time and money into learning more about how to get fitter and healthier, or hire a professional to help you get there.

I say, invest in your future, your health, your happiness.

What’s the best investment you’ve ever made?

My Kind Of Word. Kaizen.


I’m in love with this word and with what it stands for.

‘Kaizen’ is a Japanese word which roughly means ‘good change’, ‘continuous improvement’.

It’s an approach based on the idea that small ongoing positive changes eventually add up to the big change you’re after.

I love it that such a small word can have such a powerful meaning.

For instance, if you’re trying to build a habit to get active every day, you wouldn’t start with a marathon tomorrow. Would you?

You’d probably start getting more active by walking more, or maybe adding some intentional exercise sessions to your week.

If you did that consistently, you’d build yourself a routine of daily activity and would feel fitter and happier.

Another example is time. I have given myself the challenge of waking up an hour earlier every day so I can give myself some quality time in the mornings exercising and looking after myself. I started by setting the alarm 10 minutes earlier than usual. As the weeks went by, I slowly progressed into 20, 30, 45 minutes and now 1 hour.

I feel great in the mornings and always wake up in a good mood. Making that decision to dedicate some time to myself in the morning before the kids wake up, has really made a huge positive change in my life. Making it gradual and un-rushed meant I was able to create a new habit of waking earlier and sticking with it.

Essentially it’s also about building the habits necessary to keep that goal once it’s reached.

Small changes and consistency are powerful tools in the pursuit of any goal you may have. Whether that is losing weight, getting fitter, eating healthier, drinking more water… the list is endless.

So start with small changes for long-lasting results. Don’t rush the process.

Have you ever made small changes that impacted your life in a positive manner? Let me know. 🙂

Upper Back and Shoulder Mobility

My back was feeling stiff…

Do you sometimes feel like that? To the point of making you feel uncomfortable?

Try these exercises to release your back and also work on mobility of the shoulder joint.

Remember to take your time. The video is sped up. So, nice and slow is the way to go!

You need to do both sides, ok? I’m not showing it here, so make sure to do right and left.

6-10 repetitions of each exercise.

Let me know if it’s helped.

Anxiety, Depression and the Power of Food and Exercise


I’m sure you heard of the phrase ‘Eating your emotions’.

Are you an emotional eater? It’s ok if you are, as long as you recognise it. Once you accept the fact that you feed your emotions, it’s then easier to make a decision and create a change. Once you recognise this, you’ll become more aware of why you eat the way you do. Accepting that what goes into your body is ultimately your decision, gives you the power to own your decisions whether they’re ‘good’ or ‘bad’ in your eyes.

You might have also noticed that different foods cause different effects in your body. Some make you feel great, revitalised, refreshed, nourished… whilst others make you feel low, lethargic, foggy, negative. Food is your body’s fuel! Whatever fuel you put into your body, will dictate how you will feel. I’ve experienced this first hand when trying to deal with my depression. Have you?

So, food has the power to make you feel amazing and so has exercise. I think it’s common knowledge that regular exercise is not only beneficial for your physical health but also your mental health. It’s a natural antidepressant! That is why I recommend that everyone needs to be including some sort of activity/exercise into their daily lives. Exercise has definitely saved me from some bad episodes in the past and I am grateful for that. For your own sanity, go out every day, get some fresh air and get walking if nothing else.

In my opinion, doctors should be prescribing exercise for anxiety and depression. We would be a much healthier nation, both in body and mind.